The Unique Code of Labor Identification (CUIL) is the code that is granted to all persons who begin to work under a dependence relationship or manage any provision of Social Security.

CUIL number is essential so that employer reports workers contributions to Federal Administration of Public Revenue (AFIP). Also, workers can exercise his right to choose his social security option and for any transaction to be carried out at National Social Security Administration (ANSES), or any other entity that requires it.

You can get your CUIL number at any ANSES Office, and you need:

- For Argentinians or foreign nationals residing permanently in the country: Official Identity Cards (DNI, LC or LE)
- For foreign nationals who are not residing permanently in the country: Submit a Document to prove your identity plus the copy of Certificate issued by The National Direction of Migration and Population (DNPyM) or Entry Permit to the country issued by Consulates or by International Conventions, in the case of foreigners who do not have an Argentine document.

CUIL record through internet: Enter ANSES official webpage