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Sub-regional Meeting on South Cone Health and Safety – BWI was held at UOCRA headquarters

  • Sub-regional Meeting on South Cone Health and Safety – BWI was held at UOCRA headquarters

Within the framework of campaigns "25kg..." No more" and 28 April with the slogan "A DEATH A STRIKE"; the Building and Wood Workers' International - BWI and the UOCRA organized, within the Programme LOCTO, a sub-regional meeting at UOCRA headquarters, in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Union leaders of building trade unions of Brazil and building unions of Argentina (FOCRA, SOCAMGLYP, UECARA and UOCRA) with an opening panel composed of Nilton Freitas. BWI Regional Representative, Victor Brandan, UOCRA Foreign Affairs Secretary and BWI Senior Member and Marta Pujadas as President of the BWI Regional Women's Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean participated in the meeting.
Issues related to healthcare and life of workers were discussed during the meeting, highlighting the progress of Trade Union actions at national level related to the reduction of weight of the cement bag to 25 kg and its impact on occupational diseases and the quality of life of workers in the sector; sub regional and regional actions, also agreed to continue with the fulfilment of the campaign objectives.
Strengthening the commitment of our Trade Union, our General Secretary and BWI Regional President of the Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean, Gerardo Martinez was present in the development of the meeting.  He spoke about the importance of trade unions participation in the different areas where it is dealt with occupational health policies, highlighting the vital role of our Professional Secretariat in the exchange of information and the dissemination and awareness of the tasks carried out by several trade unions. He referred to the fight against addictions at workplace and finally he expressed his support for the continuity of the Trade Union solidarity and the unity of the trade union movement.

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