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Training Agreement among the SRT, CAMARCO and UOCRA

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  • Training Agreement among the SRT, CAMARCO and UOCRA

We continue training actions within the framework of the Training Agreement among the SRT, CAMARCO and UOCRA aimed at building companies of high accident rates in the City of Buenos Aires, during the week from 16 to 23 August 2016.

Within the framework of the Cooperative Agreement entered by Superintendency of Occupational Risks [SRT], Argentinean Chamber of the Building Industry (CAMARCO) and the Building Workers Union (UOCRA) through the National Union Training Programme on Health and Safety through Department of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH), there were continued training actions for workers under Bargaining Agreement CCT 76/75 of building companies included in SRT Resolutions 559/09 and 1642/09.
Actions were developed in the City of Buenos Aires together with UOCRA Capital. Contents of courses are based on Act 24,557 of Prevention of Occupational Risks, SRT Resolutions and Decree 911/96 on health and safety for the Building Industry.
Over 90 workers of building companies with high accident rate have been trained. Through these actions, the Training Programme seeks early detection and control of occupational risks of the different activities in different types of works in our industry.

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