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Gerardo Martinez led a mega meeting in the Works of Villa Olímpica for the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games

Over 2,000 building workers participated

  • Gerardo Martinez led a mega meeting in the Works of Villa Olímpica for the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games

Gerardo Martinez, together with members of the Central Executive Committee, led a mega meeting organized by UOCRA City of Buenos Aires in the works of Villa Olímpica for the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games

In his speech, UOCRA Secretary-General, Gerardo Martínez, gave an overview of the current employment situation in the building industry, emphasized on the UOCRA commitment in defence of labour and social rights of building workers and their families. "Regardless of the men who lead it, it is important to preserve the Trade Union, that is which represents us. That is why it is important to strengthen unity and organization in defence of our rights", said Gerardo Martínez.

Martinez added: "I want to tell you that from UOCRA we embrace this cause, the cause of workers, workers are the fundamental basis, and today we were talking about it, about our Nation... to govern is to create employment, Peron told us." And those who are ruling our nation expect workers to continue supporting and paying the cost... we want social justice. Now we are experiencing a very important political moment, a very important democracy moment, we have the chance of having a Government we do not sympathy with, anyway, we respect those workers and those people who govern and do not share our same thoughts. We are going to go for democracy, but an integrated democracy meaning a democracy where the Government acts and defends the interests of the Argentine people and workers, we want this Government to listen to workers."

Also, in another excerpt of his speech, Gerardo Martínez, stressed the importance that the building industry has in the productive development of a country "in a world where technological advance gains more space every day, in our industry the art of building that building workers have is irreplaceable, since we can transform a wasteland into an Olympic village that will house athletes from all over the world and that is something that should make us "proud of", said our Secretary-General.

Finally, he referred to the importance and the commitment of UOCRA related to addiction issues in the world of work and its socio-labour and family impact: "We are committed to a strong addictions prevention campaign, especially drug addiction. Drugs are scourge that make workers ill, conditioning their psychophysical potential, which weakens its social and familiar environment, and, of course, has a negative impact on career development. Our Team of Addiction Specialists is carrying out awareness, prevention and treatment tasks for the recovery of those workers who need it. This also represents an important part of our trade union action."

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