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Manual on health and safety at work - Prestressed Concrete Plants

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  • Manual on health and safety at work - Prestressed Concrete Plants

The content of this Manual was the result of teamwork with UOCRA sectionals and Delegates of the prestressed concrete plants located in different cities of our country. We carried out technical visits in these plants, which have allowed us to survey and understand the processes and jobs, including the conditions of each of them, areas of storage and materials, etc.

We also conducted an analysis of the most common occupational diseases in these plants, taking into account the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations; and on the other hand, we studied different pieces of prestressed concrete and sequences of its manufacture, showing risks and control measures.

From UOCRA Building Workers Union of the Republic Argentina we believe and defend the concept of decent work as a valid tool to improve the quality of life of building workers and their families.

Manual Summary

At the beginning of the Manual, we describe the development of the manufacturing process of different parts made of prestressed concrete. In addition, the use of parts in the building industry, highlighting the advantages of its use to solve several particular constructive situations. We will also show an assessment of the impact on the health and safety of workers who work in these plants.

Then, based on the definition of health given in a  comprehensive way by the World Health Organization (WHO), it is contained in physical, social and mental issues of people. Based on this concept, from UOCRA we work interdisciplinary when we talk about workers health and safety. With this premise, we begin by describing different general risk factors, linking them to the stages of manufacture of prestressed concrete parts.

After that, we analyze occupational diseases at work in these plants, and the sub records that currently exist and are shown in the statistics. It is, therefore, that we must work strongly in knowing the work processes, analyzing from its ergonomics to the materials until the waste generated and the impact on the workers health, in the medium and long term.

We also emphasize the importance of the statement of risks by employers and conducting regular medical checkups, as a prevention tool for quality of future life.

Finally, we describe the different risks that arise in the construction process of the different pieces of prestressed concrete, this last module seeks to think and propose protection and prevention measures, which are recommended to apply in the manufacturing process, mainly, taking care of workers health.

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