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Comprehensive Training Programme - SRT, CAMARCO and UOCRA

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  • Comprehensive Training Programme - SRT, CAMARCO and UOCRA

In the framework of the SRT Resolution 1642/09, activities of the Program aimed at companies with high accidents rates, continue in the City of Buenos Aires and the Province of Buenos Aires.

Within the framework of the Comprehensive Training Programme developed by UOCRA, CAMARCO and audited by SRT, training actions aimed at building workers in construction companies with high accidents rates continued.

In this regard, training actions were held at UOCRA and Department of Health and Safety at Work (SST) headquarters in the City of Buenos Aires and in the works whose companies are carrying out railways improvement in the towns of Castelli and Lezama.

Some contents developed are:
- Prevention of Occupational Risks Act N° 24557
- Decree 911of Health and Safety for the Building Industry
- Rights and Obligations of SRT, ART, Employers and Workers.
- Personal Protective Equipment: items according to tasks and risks, wear and care.
- Occupational Hazards at height: Use of PPE according to the task, lifeline and anchor points, stairs and working platforms. Working specific tasks of railways; movement of loads and others.

Actions will be concentrated in 5 jurisdictions with the highest activity (City of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Mendoza and Córdoba); also taking into account the proximity of works to reduce the commuting of workers and companies specific features.

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