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Agreement between UOCRA and Superintendency of Occupational Risks [SRT]

For the development and dissemination of spots on training and occupational risk prevention to be broadcasted through Construir TV Channel, which belongs to Foundation Fundación UOCRA

  • Agreement between UOCRA and Superintendency of Occupational Risks [SRT]

With the signatures of the Secretary General of the Building Workers Union of the Argentina Republic (UOCRA), Gerardo Martínez and the Superintendent of Occupational Risks of the Nation (SRT), Dr. Gustavo Morón, signed a Collaborative Agreement between the two organizations, which has as one of its main purposes the implementation of training programmes aimed at the prevention of occupational risks and the improvement of the working conditions and environment of building workers.

In this case, a series of audiovisual content of educational nature in the form of TV spots, with the technical supervision of the Superintendence of Occupational risks, which will be broadcasted through our Construir TV Channel will be developed through Foundation Fundación UOCRA

This and other similar ventures in execution between the UOCRA and the SRT, are carried out in order to install a culture of prevention of occupational risks, to ensure the health and the lives of our fellow workers within the framework of an industry with risks that without the implementation and enforcement of adequate measures of occupational safety, exposes building workers.

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