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Programme on Management and Survey of working conditions

Survey actions in works of Villa Olímpica

  • Programme on Management and Survey of working conditions

We are carrying out survey actions, dissemination and awareness of working conditions in Villa Olímpica Commune 8 in the City of Buenos Aires.

Within the framework of actions of the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH), together with UOCRA Capital and the body of delegates we are carrying out survey actions of working conditions in the works of Villa Olímpica in the City of Buenos Aires. 
They are at the stage of foundation, through piloting, movements of soils and in the construction of workshops.

The Villa Olímpica will accommodate 4500 young athletes during the development of the Youth Olympic Games during the year 2018. These works are located at Parque Roca in Villa Soldati, in an area of 70,000 square meters, located in the neighborhoods of Villa Soldati, Villa Lugano and Villa Riachuelo, where over 125,000 square metres of housing (two- and three-room apartments) and green spaces will be built.

Also, posters on prevention in order to raise awareness in workers to work as a team and collaborate to reduce accidents at work were displayed all over the works.

Technical-Union joint work allows us to improve working conditions and to early detect any breach and work with the company for its quick adjustment. These tasks were carried out with the delegates of the work.

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