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Argentinean Occupational Health and Safety Regulations related to specific activities in the Building Industry

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  • Argentinean Occupational Health and Safety Regulations related to specific activities in the Building Industry

This new material let us work to improve working conditions in construction-related activities; developed by building workers working in the plants of pre-stressed and reinforced concrete, among others.

This document contains a compilation of current Legislation including Laws, Decrees and related Resolutions applicable to the Building Industry in the Republic of Argentina, which must be respected and applied to ensure proper conditions of Health, Safety and Environment of building workers.

It has been developed to obtain the necessary legal knowledge concerning the Working Conditions and Environment (Cymat) and apply them in the Reinforced Concrete, Pre-stressed Concrete Plants and others where performing maintenance tasks as well as in new works.

Law 19587 is just at the beginning of the document, National Act of Health and Safety at Work. It establishes establishments and operations that should be applied to the provisions, the objectives of all technical standards, rights and obligations of the Employer, such as the provision of a safe and healthy work environment and the required Personal Protective Equipment, and the rights and obligations of Workers.

Below, is Decree N ° 351/79, Regulatory Decree of Law 19587, which addresses the general provisions concerning establishments, the benefits of Medicine and Hygiene and Safety at Work, Hygiene conditions and Safety at Work, such as occupational environments, minimums and maximums of heat load, radiation, ventilation, lighting and color noise and vibrations, among other considerations applicable to the industry, which must necessarily be addressed.

Next, Decree N ° 1338/96, where Medicine Services and Health and Safety at Work are set, creating the figure of Equivalent Workers to calculate the minimum monthly hours attendance of College Graduates in Health and Safety at Work which establishments should have, as well as the allocation of the Occupational Health and Safety Technicians.

Finally, we find in this document, the resolution N° 295/03, in which technical specifications on ergonomics and manual lifting of loads are approved, as well as radiation, modifying aspects of the Decree N ° 351/79 and overriding resolution N° 444/91 - MTSS. Technical specifications on ergonomics, work-related musculoskeletal disorders and good practices of manual lifting of loads are included.

This manual is useful to know and inform us about the Current Legal Regulations related with our industry, which together with the training in health and safety are complementary so we work every day generating appropriate working conditions to avoid accidents as well as occupational diseases, being the Employer, who must implement the necessary measures to ensure the health and safety of building workers and their families welfare.

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