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Participation of UOCRA in multi-party mobilization against drug trafficking

Within the framework of the Pact of San Antonio de Padua

  • Participation of UOCRA in multi-party mobilization against drug trafficking

Representatives of the main political forces, trade union organizations and religious creeds led a mobilization to the Court Square in order to support policies to fight against drug trafficking and to preserve life.

Mayors and legislators from various localities of the country belonging to the Peronist Party, the ruling Coalition Cambiemos and Frente Renovador participated in the march, together with over a thousand building workers in UOCRA institutional representation.

The mobilization was simultaneously carried out with a plenary meeting of judges and federal prosecutors convened to define actions aimed at improving and streamlining the procedures in cases of drug trafficking

UOCRA and communal leaders who signed the Pact of San Antonio de Padua, a commitment of ten premises, inspired by the spiritual guidance of Pope Francis, including consensus to fight against the scourge of drug trafficking, drove this initiative.

The Pact of Padua is committed to accompany the latest papal encyclical Laudato Si content and also includes agreements to fight against poverty, trafficking, domestic violence, environmental damage, malnutrition and child abuse, among other issues, being ratified by more than 50 mayors and legislators from different political backgrounds across the country some days ago.

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