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National Training Programme on Health and Safety at Workplace

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  • National Training Programme on Health and Safety at Workplace

It was held the training course on working conditions and environment aimed at delegates from UOCRA San Juan

Within the framework of the National Training Programme on Health and Safety together with UOCRA San Juan and the Legal Department and Department of Occupational Safety and Health it was held a workshop for delegates on improvement in working conditions and environment in the building industry.

During the training there were developed concepts and knowledge regarding the contents of Convention 76/75 and other conventions, which are applied in the building industry and later application and characteristics of Act 22250.

Also, we worked on the impact of accidents and occupational diseases and preventive measures; then there was a roleplay as teamwork where participants adopted the role of delegates and companies managers, at a negotiating table on issues related to health and safety and finally a technical visit to see the progress and working conditions of the “;Bicentennial Theatre" at worksite.

Some details of the work: it will have a main room for 1,100 spectators and was projected following the acoustic model of the lyric room of the Colon Theatre in Buenos Aires. The complex has the joint financing of national and provincial governments, and will show lyric plays, ballet, concerts and other cultural events.

Delegates received the manual on preventive measures for the different stages of work and the Convention 76/75. Over 20 delegates took part of the training which was called and organized by UOCRA San Juan.

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