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Gerardo Martinez opened two Trade Union offices in Trelew - Chubut and Comandante Piedra Buena - Santa Cruz

  • Gerardo Martinez opened two Trade Union offices in Trelew - Chubut and Comandante Piedra Buena - Santa Cruz

Building Workers Union of the Republic Argentina (UOCRA) General Secretary, Gerardo Martínez, opened one new headquarters of our trade union organization in the town of Trelew, in the Province of Chubut.

General Secretary, Gerardo Martínez; Secretary of Organization and Trade Union Affairs, Hugo Ferreyra; Secretary of Finance, Osvaldo Rodriguez and Secretary of Social Action Carlos Romero, from Central UOCRA; the General Secretary of Uocra Trelew, Mateo Suarez; the Governor of the Province of Chubut, Martin Buzzi, and a large number of building workers were present in the opening ceremony and traditional ribbon cutting.

In that framework, Gerardo Martínez said: "we have the chance to inaugurate these square meters, which will be our second home, the headquarters of Chubut building workers, which was built with their effort, trust and the strength that building workers  have to build up our destiny..." We know that an individual struggle cannot be won, therefore, several decades ago, there were some workers who were able to understand the meaning of unity, solidarity and organization, and that is what gives us the possibility of finding it on our flag, because the UOCRA is the fighting spirit of building workers. We know that since 2003, Argentina has recovered its capacity of productive development, its national industry, it has recreated the internal market, consumption and the dignity of workers from across the country.  "We still have a lot to do, a road of effort to achieve our ambitions, to achieve our rights, and  mainly we should continue to rebuild the culture of work in Argentina"
Likewise, in his visit to the South of the country, Gerardo Martínez and the delegation accompanying him, opened the delegation of the Union in the town of Comandante Piedra Buena, Province of Santa Cruz 

The opening of the Trade Union headquarters was in the presence of local Mayor, José Bodlovic, Deputy Federico Bodlovic, Senator Pablo González and the building workers working in Dr. Néstor Carlos Kirchner and Governor Jorge Cepernic and Northern Santa Cruz headquarters, accompanied by General Secretary Cristian Salazar. In addition, a public square for the entire community of Piedrabuena built by local building workers in honor and memory to Carlos Garcia, who was our union leader  was opened on the same day.

Gerardo Martinez, thanked for the hosting and expressed his pride of opening the Trade Union headquarters, and the joy, hope and militancy that workers in this area of our country feel.  He said that we are a supportive and united UOCRA to continue with the struggle for social rights because the UOCRA is the voice, the heart and the feeling of building workers. The history of UOCRA is unity, solidarity and organization. We are all actors, the UOCRA belongs to building workers.

Gerardo Martínez, pointed out that Argentina has had through Néstor Kirchner and current President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, the opportunity to turn over the history of the country during these years. In that discursive vein he said that he had no doubt that "On 25 October we will have a new President, Daniel Scioli, who raises flags to continue transforming the history of our Argentina".

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