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Gerardo Martinez awarded the winners of the Contest Building up Art

  • Gerardo Martinez awarded the winners of the Contest Building up Art

This contest organized by the Building Workers Union (UOCRA) summoned designers and plastic artists from various disciplines in order to carry out a work of institutional recognition from UOCRA and its Social Network.
In the presence of UOCRA General Secretary, Gerardo Martínez, it was held the awards gala of the First Contest “;Building up Art”, belonging to UOCRA Culture Programme at Theatre Gaston Barral.
The initiative was attended by 87 artists from various disciplines and from different parts of our country, which gave it a genuinely federal nature.
Values and conceptual pillars of the call were the union, belonging, solidarity and the culture of work. The selection of the finalists was in charge of a prominent jury consisting of the plastic artist, Martín Aramburu, architect and journalist, Miguel Jurado, and the Deputy Minister of Labour for the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security of the Nation, Dr.  Noemí Rial, who were in charge of choosing the winning work and conducted the special mentions, by affidavit before a Notary Public.
In this way, Leonardo Barenthin received the first prize in the competition for his work SUSTRATO (SUBSTRATE). The second prize was for the work PILARES (PILLARS) by designer Jorge Elissetche. Also, there were special mentions for works: ARGENTO by David bond, ENTRE ANDAMIOS (AMIDST SCAFFOLDING) by Claudia Ferrari, PREMIO NIVEL (LEVEL AWARD) by Fernando Giarrocco, UNIOCRA by Nicolás López, CRECIMIENTO (GROWTH) by Edgardo Luppi, PREMIO TIPOGRÁFICO (TYPOGRAPHIC AWARD) by Luciano Manoni, CUCHARA (THE THROVEL) by Ariel Zavala and PUJANZA (STRENGTH) by Alejandro Silva.
Gerardo Martinez thanked the participation of artists and said that the spirit and the concept of the participating works of art were made with the premise of transmitting the four thematic axes which represent binding concepts between art and the world of work in the field of the building industry and its main actors: the building workers.


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