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National Training Programme on Health and Safety

New Training Actions - UOCRA Posadas

  • National Training Programme on Health and Safety

Training Actions on Health and Safety together with UOCRA Posadas

Within the framework of the National Training Programme on Health and Safety of the Building Workers Union (UOCRA) through the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) there were held two Training Courses on 24 and 25 September, in the City of Posadas, Misiones.

Both days involved workers, delegates and students of Technical Qualification in Health and Safety at Work.

On the first day, there were developed contents related to early detection of the main risks in works at height, demolition and excavation activities, and was followed by a talk of CPR given by professional staff belonging to Health Insurance for the Building Workers Construir Salud, together with other institutions invited to participate in the exhibition. The second day of training, took place at worksite (high-rise building - single-family houses). The visit included a tour for the purposes of detecting and visualizing the possible breaches and which corrective and preventive measures must be implemented.

Organization and call were made by UOCRA - Posadas where over 35 workers, delegates and students participated.

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