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National Training Programme on Health and Safety

More training for delegates – UOCRA Formosa

  • National Training Programme on Health and Safety

Training actions on health and safety together with UOCRA Formosa for delegates

Within the framework of the National Training Programme on Health and Safety of the Building Workers Union (UOCRA) through the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) it was held a Training Course for UOCRA Formosa Delegates on 20 August.

The aim of this programme is permanent training to improve the Working Conditions and Environment, defend workers’ rights in compliance with current standards of occupational health and safety by the employers.
During the training course the following contents were developed:
•Occupational Health and Safety. Argentine Regulation
•Prevention of Accidents caused by footsteps, knocks or bumps caused by objects
•Prevention of Accidents caused by overexertion 
•Prevention of Accidents caused by falls of persons and objects 
•Prevention of Accidents and Occupational Diseases
•Occupational Accidents Statistics in the building industry - Comparative 

Organization and invitations for training sessions were made by UOCRA –Formosa where over 25 delegates participated at its headquarters. 

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