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UOCRA spoke on trade unionism and communication in TUCA's meeting

  • UOCRA spoke on trade unionism and communication in TUCA's meeting

Building Workers Union (UOCRA) as Argentine General Confederation of Labour (CGT RA) representative, participated in the debate on trade unionism and communication held within the framework of Meeting for Union Communication Representatives organized by the Trade Union Confederation of the Americas (TUCA) in Lima, Peru.

The meeting gathered representatives of TUCA, CGT (Argentina), Autonomous CTA (Argentina), International Federation of Journalists (IFJ Argentina), CUT (Brazil), UGT (Brazil), CUT (Chile), CGT (Colombia), CGTP (Panama), CUT (Peru) and CAT (Peru), who exchanged viewpoints concerning the characteristics that the communication strategy of trade union organizations must assume in the current global context.

In this regard the delegation of Argentina CGT intervened in debate through UOCRA representatives, Gustavo Gándara and Ricardo Caamaño, who shared experiences and provided strategies during the meeting.

In this way, Gustavo Gándara, executive director of UOCRA Foundation, stressed the importance of thinking communication policy of trade union organizations considering 

"A communication policy must be designed according to the groups to which the trade union movement must include, among them the most important thing is the average young, thinking policies together and for young people," said Gustavo Gándara

Moreover, Ricardo Caamaño, UOCRA Press Representative, pointed out as significant fact having own communication tools that take the challenge of "reaching out to the society as a whole".

In that sense, Caamaño presented the communication proposal of Construir TV, UOCRA TV channel and the UOCRA Social Network. Construir TV is an initiative of Gerardo Martínez, UOCRA General Secretary, that was born in the light of Law on Audiovisual Media Services, and which is now on the channel lists of Argentina Digital Television.

The channel seeks to express the real life of the building worker through its TV programmes: their achievements, desires, background, concerns, reality, cultural creation, and even family life, that is all those dimensions that are not clearly depicted in the mass media.

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