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Training Agreement by SRT, CAMARCO and UOCRA

We continue Integral Workshops in the City of Buenos Aires and in the province of Buenos Aires

  • Training Agreement by SRT, CAMARCO and UOCRA

Integral Training Workshops within the framework of Training Agreement by SRT, CAMARCO and UOCRA

•	Within the framework of the Cooperative Agreement entered by Superintendency of Occupational Risks [SRT], Argentinean Chamber of the Building Industry (CAMARCÓ) and the Building Workers Union (UOCRA) through the National Union Training Programme on Health and Safety through Department of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH), we continue with the Integral Training Workshops during the week of 22 June 2015 carried out at UOCRA headquarters in the City of Buenos Aires.
•	The contents of these workshops are focused on different activities where attendees, workers and middle-level management, dialogue, look for and reach a consensus on good solutions to real problems at works; one of these group activities was Role-play where attendees were engaged in negotiation simulations reflecting issues related to health and safety at work.
•	Synergy and empathy are worked by the trainer in order to improve the working conditions between workers and companies middle-level management through previously planned activities.

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