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UOCRA started Awareness Courses on the Prevention of Addictions

Prevention of risk Consumption of Alcohol and other Psychotoxic substances

  • UOCRA started Awareness Courses on the Prevention of Addictions

•	Within the framework of an agreement between the UOCRA Foundation and the National Ministry of Health, our Trade Union implemented a program called " Prevention of risk consumption of alcohol and other psychotoxic substances whose purpose is focused on providing information, awareness and prevention of these addictions and, in its first stage, aimed at works delegates from Capital Federal and the Northern area of Greater Buenos Aires.
•	The content of these courses aims to provide educational tools to delegates, so that they can effectively perform a first approach to this type of issues at the workplace, contributing to facilitate the required containment to affected workers and their families, and promoting their referral to specific health care services, contributing to treatment and strengthening of family social and labour ties of eventually affected workers.
•	Contents are focused on topics like myths and realities about the consumption of psychoactive substances, factors of risk, pregnancy and alcohol, strengthening the Network of Services, update the territorial welfare networks and strategies for counteracting a problematic consumer, among others.
•	The ultimate goal is to achieve a better task of prevention and early detection, as well as the comprehensive health prevention of our building workers.

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