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UOCRA WOMEN PROGRAMME "Celebrating the International Women’s Day"

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  • UOCRA WOMEN PROGRAMME "Celebrating the International Women’s Day"

Within the framework of UOCRA WOMEN Programme, UOCRA, its delegations and the UOCRA Department of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) it was held the fourth Gender Workshop "Celebrating International Women's Day", on Monday 9 March at UOCRA headquarters

This activity was organized with the support of the Organization Secretariat and participation of women workers from different UOCRA sectionals, including   theFederal District of the Province of Buenos Aires, Avellaneda, Montegrande, San Martin, San Justo and Northern Area.

Training Course Objectives are:

- Reaffirm the concepts of equality 
- Develop strategies against discrimination in the workplace 
- Strengthen the decent working conditions from the gender perspective
- Participate in national and international trade union organizations 
- Consolidate the UOCRA women's network

Over 50 women workers and  delegates of UOCRA Social Network have participated of this  Trade Union training on health and safety at work.

General Secretary Gerardo Martinez was present in the development of this workshop highlighting the commitment of our Trade Union. He exchanged views with women workers and he spoke about the importance of women participation in trade union organizations and the search for solutions based on the collective work from the gender perspective to improve working conditions and environment and quality of life of women workers and their families.

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