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Gerardo Martinez, UOCRA General Secretary introduced “Classrooms and Scaffolds” at the Book Fair.

Gerardo Martinez having an overall strategic vision of the organization he manages, introduced “Classrooms and Scaffolds”, Fundación Uocra Publisher. The introduction took place last week at Alfonsina Storni Room, within the framework of the Buenos Aires Book Fair.

Martinez expressed that the idea of creating the publishing company was capitalizing, through books, years of training delivered to building workers by Fundación Uocra. It is the product of more than 15 years of educational policies development in the building industry.

“Classrooms and Scaffolds” has 24 publications organized in collections and a 14 educational DVD series. “Classroom and Scaffolds” editorial line consists of manuals and practice guides in different formats about Health and Safety at the Workplace and specific development on issues related to trade unionism, among others.




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