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Comprehensive Training Programme - UOCRA CAMARCO, UART and SRT

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  • Comprehensive Training Programme - UOCRA CAMARCO, UART and SRT

In the framework of SRT Resolution 1642/09, activities of the Program aimed to improve the Working Conditions and Environment (Cymat) in companies with high accidents rates started.

Within the framework of the Quadripartite Table of the Building Industry, UOCRA, SLAVIANKA, UART and the SRT began the first actions in the implementation of the Comprehensive Training Programme, aimed at workers, middle management, technical, professional and top management of construction companies with high accidents rates.

In this sense, in the facilities of CAMARCO, in the City of Buenos Aires, replicating in Rosario, Córdoba and Mendoza it was presented to companies the work plan that will take place during the year 2016, which aims to improve working conditions and reduce accident rates.  Representatives of more than 30 companies present at the headquarters of the City of Buenos Aires were given the work plan and other related documentation.

Stages of the Programme are: 1) Training in health and safety, 2) Cymat Survey in the works of these companies and 3) Construction of management tools.

Actions will be concentrated in 5 jurisdictions with the highest activity (City of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Mendoza and Córdoba), also taking into account the proximity of works to reduce the commuting of workers and the specific characteristics of companies.

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